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Game Information

Game Title: Wedding belle

Game ID on 5515

Total hits of the game: 80019

Category: Wedding games

Tags:Wedding belle


Hey girls come here and check this game out!!! Have you ever dreamed of a perfect wedding... your handsome beloved groom, beautiful decorations, friendly guests, romatic view and YOU! How will you be look like? You are now a fabulous and glorious bride. Let's beautify yours! Imagine how you look like in your own wedding with your boyfriend hand in hand going to the altar. Are you excited? Im soooooooooooooooooo excited!!!


How to play:

- Click to choose hairstyle

- necklace

- headpieces

- bouquets

- bridal

- dress

- ragged skirt

- shoes


Seems like you have a perfect outfit and now click on the Camera to save this precious moment :)






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