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Game Information

Game Title: Tom and Jerry in super cheese bounce

Game ID on 7062

Total hits of the game: 450

Category: Cartoon Games

Tags:tom and jerry in super cheese bounce, gamevui, tom and jerry


Tom and Jerry in Super Cheese Bounce – Jerry and his friend have found a great stash of cheese in the farmer’s barn. With Tom close by, the only way the mice can sneak the cheese away is by throwing it out the window and into a wheelbarrow. Jerry must run back and forth, bouncing the cheese wedges off his head and into the wheelbarrow.


Use your mouse to move Jerry between the barn and the wheelbarrow. As cheese wedges are tossed out of the barn, move Jerry so he can bounce them off of his head. Quickly move forward and do this again until all wedges have been bounced into the wheelbarrow. Run back to the barn and continue to do this until you collect enough cheese to move on to the next round. Watch out for Tom who throws things to slow you down.

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