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Game Information

Game Title: Perfect hair

Game ID on 5469

Total hits of the game: 595

Category: Management Games


This is Heidi, she runs a small hairdressing saloon with alot fashionable and vogue stuffs. Try to manage the customers with their wants by remembering choices. Be as fast as you can to serve the customers, they dont want to have to wait for a long time to get a hair done!!! Expand your property and save more money for next levels. Start small business at first and build up bigger one with more stuff and experiences.


How to play:

- Use the mouse to drag customers from the waiting room into hairdressing chairs

- Serve customers by dragging the right tool and choice of styles:

+ How the hair get cut (3 styles)

+ How the hair get sprayed (3 colors)

+ How the hair get dyed (3 colors)

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