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Game Information

Game Title: Office gold

Game ID on 6650

Total hits of the game: 698

Category: Gold Games

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There have been many versions of his gold game, every game has a different interface, fun and convenient. Today a new gold version of the game was born. My office gold - this is definitely a game made ​​for the office

With a humorous storyline. You are a hard worker, always on time to work and complete all assigned work, but your boss does not appreciate your energy. It's unfair! So you have an idea to steal the important data of the company sold to a rival company.

Your mission is to break into the office, using magic glove to retrieve all items that can be sold, from CDs work, personal profiles, and more. Be careful, because the doctor will pass protect at any time, and if you get it done you will escape if not sure about the arrest denied it.

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