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Game Information

Game Title: Mysteries of horus

Game ID on 6689

Total hits of the game: 552

Category: Calassic Games

Tags:Mysteries of horus, free online game, gamevui, puzzle game, game bejeweled


Tremble with respect, ancient Egypt, for there is a chosen one to satisfy your gods and unveil all Mysteries of Horus! Welcome, stranger, you are about to begin one of the most captivating adventures in the world. Challenge your logic and reaction satisfying the forsaken ancient idol who gradually rewards you with points for making him feel better. Pick up old Egyptian signs and put them above into empty slots of horizontal papyrus that moves and shows you more available places. Fill it all to make it disappear and get an empty one. This fretful god is very nervous and you need to keep his satisfaction up to the mark. For this don't forget to give him gifts and work swiftly. Combine symbols of the same color together to create a combo and get more points for solving Mysteries Of Horus. Sometimes specials lie over certain slots - be free to put a symbol there and receive an extra bonus which may be of great help. You may find a pause which slows down time or a gem, which you need to collect and buy additional amulets. Get them all because a level lasts till you earn a sum of points equal to the amulet. If this amount is less than level target - you lose. Not all symbols fit the situation you have, but you may always discard a symbol, just keep in mind this will hurt the god's feelings. The further you go - the more symbols and papyrus lines you have. Finish level with quite a lot of points and a satisfied god and gain a bunch of extra gems as a reward.

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