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Game Information

Game Title: Mango juice

Game ID on 4586

Total hits of the game: 280

Category: Cooking Games

Tags:mango, juice, vitamins, fresh, fruit


The juice made from fresh fruits is very healthy for your system. As you know, you have to alternate the fruits, and drink fresh juice every day, but from a different fruits. For example, one day you drink apple juice, the next they orange juice and so on. Today, I will teach you how to make mango juice. Mangoes are very healthy, because they are full with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. That is why you don't have to forget about this fruit, and use it for your daily fresh drink. It is not a rare fruit, it can be found in every super marker, and it is not expensive either. For two glasses of juice, you need two mangoes and some minced ice. You blend them all together and finally you have your drink. Enjoy it!

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