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Game Information

Game Title: Iecream cake

Game ID on 5752

Total hits of the game: 1050

Category: Cooking Games

Tags:Ice cream cake, Icecream cake, fun cooking game,cooking game, baking game, cake game


Ice cream cake is ice cream in the shape of a cake. Ice cream cake is often eaten at birthdays and weddings. Ice cream cake was originally made from biscuits and cream. Whip cream frosting is commonly used because it complements the two textures. Ice cream cake is not like other cakes because it is not baked to be complete. The cake part is baked to be added in with layers of ice cream to be frozen together as a final product. Ice cream cakes can be made with ice cream and cake, all ice cream, or ice cream and cookies. Design your own Ice Cream Cake in this fun cooking game.

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