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Game Information

Game Title: Hotel manager

Game ID on 5581

Total hits of the game: 868

Category: Management Games

Tags:Hotel manager, Management Game


If you are a big fan of Simulated Games you will like this game. Hotel management is the game help you know more the hotel reservation system. Your job is to serve your customers, bring them the best of your hotel. It is not only help you have the overall on the hotel reservation system, but also train you to do everything quickly and exactly. Keep them happy and they will tip you well. And day by day improve your hotel.

The Hotel managenment game is builded on the slide cut of floors. Clear and beautiful images bring your eyes more comfortable and relax. Enjoy the game and try to get as much as point you can . Easy to play and easy to win for every body !

How to play :

Use your mouse to click on customers, serve them what they want. Do quickly before they get angry . Each player will have 5 lifes , and each day the hotel will set different target. Click quick and be a winner !


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