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Game Information

Game Title: Glissaria - Tower defense games

Game ID on 5438

Total hits of the game: 359

Category: Strategy Games

Tags:Glissaria, game, free, online, play, flash



Tower Defense with RPG and Puzzle elements. Help Prince Trey defend the Northern quadrant of Glissaria from a recent outbreak of monsters. Collect resources, build and upgrade towers, collect and equip weapons and armor, gather magical stones to power up your towers, and level up in a frantic effort to stop the invading monsters.


Note: During the tutorial, follow the instructions in order to advance the game. First build 2 towers, then equip the gems and equipment. Once you complete chapter 1, you unlock endless mode for all maps.

Use the mouse to match blocks to gather resources
Use the tower buttons in the bottom right (or keys 1-5) to build towers
Drag items to equip, target towers and drag gems to equip
Use the pause button or space to stop time while you build and equip


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