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Game Information

Game Title: Game Aladdin Flash online

Game ID on 5848

Total hits of the game: 1878

Category: Action Games

Tags:Aladdin, game Aladdin Flash online, Aladdin games, Game Aladdin, Aladdin Adventure, aladdin and his magic lamp


Are you a big fan of the famous story "Aladdin and the magic lamp" ? Do you wan to try fly to the sky with the magic carpet? Yes, you can do it! Enjoy the spirit of the story by playing Game Aladdin Flash online. Games alladin Aladin conquer the land of the beautiful Thousand and One Nights with the help of the genie in the lamp legendary. It really easy, fun, interesting for everyone, especially for those who love action games.

Aladdin and Abu are in for one wild magic carpet ribe as they race over dangerous lave pits to escape the Cave of Wonders!

How to play:

-Up arrow : jump

-Down arrow: crouch

-Left arrow: slow

-Right arrow: go faster

Tip: Hold down the spacebar for a speed boost

Use ramps to jump higher and reach secret places. Advoid all abstacles by crouching or jumping over them. Jump over the pits, keep an eye for bonus point and energy .


Having fun and enjoy Game Aladdin Flash online. Play more online free action game on

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