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Game Information

Game Title: Funny zoo

Game ID on 5856

Total hits of the game: 1733

Category: Arcade Games

Tags:Funny zoo, Funny zoo game, Arcade Game, Funny zoo Arcade Game, zoozoo game, Funny Zoo Game, Flash Game, Arcade Games


In this Funny zoo game,  you are in control of a lovely boy to fight against a naughty monkey. It happens in a zoo. There are many other animals, like bear, dog, rabbit, elephant and so on. Green trees grow here and there. The sunshine is bright in the sky and a group of wild gooses fly back and forth. An old woman is clearing the ground with a broom. A father buys a balloon for his lovely daughter. Everything is so fine. You are angry with what the monkey has done, so you decide to beat it. You have rocks, cans, water bombs as your own weapon. The monkey hangs itself in the tree at the center of a pool with its tail. It will also throw rocks at you. You must knock down the monkey before you are defeated. You must pay attention to the wind that will affect the strength of your attack. You can also cure yourself with a medicine box. Are you ready? Good luck!

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