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Game Information

Game Title: Free the Pharaoh

Game ID on 6913

Total hits of the game: 689

Category: Brain Games

Tags:Free the Pharaoh, game pharaoh


Free the Pharaoh is an Egyptian styled puzzle game where the objective is to get the Pharaoh’s sarcophagus out of the chamber by moving the other pieces, and to do it in as few turns as possible.

This simple yet beautifully designed game is much harder than it sounds, because some pieces can only move horizontally, while others can only move vertically.

Free the Pharaoh is not so much a game of skill, but more a game of insight, that gets increasingly harder to solve with each level. Gaming buffs who consider themselves masters at solving puzzle games, may want to try Free the Pharaoh and they shall quickly find out they have entered a game, to really sink their teeth into!

Free the Pharaoh will keep those who like online puzzles occupied for hours on end, as the puzzles are difficult, and will become increasingly more difficult to solve by moving the right pieces in the right order in the right direction.

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