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Game Information

Game Title: Eggy clear

Game ID on 6651

Total hits of the game: 1595

Category: Arcade Games

Tags:Eggy clear, egyptian pharaohs game, game24h, the legend, in egypt, gamesgames


Egyptian Pharaohs game, the legend, in Egypt there is a large number of tombs of the Pharaohs Treasure, one of the brave explorers have found his way, but he cursed trap waiting Pharaohs and puzzles, if not cracked tile puzzles, death will come quickly to help explorers!

This is similar to the source of money fighting game, you must first collect data bricks, and then put them together, 3-4 to remove the bricks of the same color must be quick and deft eye hand, because all the bricks slow, players will be crushed, promoting challenge!

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