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Game Information

Game Title: Clean green city

Game ID on 5694

Total hits of the game: 963

Category: Management Games

Tags:clean green city, management game


This town's inhabitants have been waiting for as superhero like you for a long time. They need you to keep their dear city so very clean and a skillful garbageman hero is the right one for this mission. Get the clean green city management game started and take your town cleaning mission really seriously!

It's such a lovely morning, the sun has just risen to lighten up the city, its citizens have just waken up and are waiting for the garbage lorry to drive by their houses and take the garbage burden from their backyards. It's you who'll drive this special lorry, once you get this funtruck driving gamestarted, so just click on the inhabitants holding their garbage bags to be taken and drive your garbage truck towards the highlighted circles. Still, driving your lorry is not as easy as it seems, the more you play this fun online management game, the more you realize that. You need to be focused, when you're playing the clean green management game, for you wouldn't want to run over the pedestrians or to bump into other cars. Once your lorry gets overloaded with garbage bags, make sure you empty it and when you realize that it's run out of gas, make sure to refill it so that you can continue with your mission and collect as many garbage as you can, keeping this city so sparkly clean.

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