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Game Information

Game Title: Churros

Game ID on 4427

Total hits of the game: 101710

Category: Cooking Games


It's incredibly yummy an surprisingly easy and quick to cook, too! Put your cooking talent to a test getting the churros cooking game started and learn all the secrets behind this great recipe!

The first step to this fun filed cooking show? Getting the dough ready! That's right, it's time for some butter melting into boiling water, then take a 15 min. break, till the dough is ready for be cut and fried into boiling oil this time! Don't forget to add the right amount of flour, the salt and then to break the eggs and mix them all together, playing this fun online cooking game, just before that, and to place the plastic wrap, too. What next? Continue the churros cooking game by frying the yummy looking churros, then, once done, place them on the paper towel and get them ready to be served. Pour some sugar on top an make sure you place the cup of delicious chocolate, too, on the same plate, and voila, your yummy churros are ready to be served. Good job, by the end of this fun-filled cooking game you can you can definitely call yourself a pastry cook now!

The churros cooking game is your chance to dig up the cooking tips and tricks behind this yummy yummy recipe and to learn to cook this tasty recipe, with your two skillful little hands, any time you feel like spoiling your taste buds! Do you feel like of taking another cooking challenge? Then how about playing the lamb kebab now?

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