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Game Information

Game Title: Chocolate fudge delish

Game ID on 4404

Total hits of the game: 319

Category: Cooking Games


Is your best friend's birthday coming soon or or not quite, but you want to be prepared for the time it comes so that you can throw her a huge sweet surprise? Then the chocolate fudge delish cooking game will help you put together like he perfect yummy present for her!

I have an easy riddle for you: it's a delicious dessert, it's chocolate filled, it's so lovely decorated and it's fun to prepare, too! Yes, you've guessed is, you're just about to test your cooking skills preparing the yummiest chocolate fudge for the birthday girl you'll like to surprise! Put on your cook apron and get this fun online cooking game started! You have the very detailed recipe right there, the instant you get the chocolate fudge delish chocolate game started, you have all the ingredients and kitchen tools that you might need, so just bring in your talent and your enthusiasm and get the most delicious special anniversary chocolate fudge ready! Look for the butter, the chocolate, the dark sugar, the vanilla essence, they might be either in the fridge or in the the kitchen cupboard, and mix them all together in the on screen bowl you have at your disposal, then see which is the next cooking tasks you have to fulfill. With a few simple clicks, while you're enjoying this lovely dessert cooking game, you get to blend then all into a mouth-watering chocolate cream, you get to bake it and, the funniest part of the game, you get to show off your skills as a decorator ,too, getting it a special look to dazzle the birthday girl with. Some sweet looking sugared roses, some yummy pieces of fresh fruities would be perfect for decorating your surprise chocolate fudge, don't you agree?

Play the chocolate fudge cooking game and prepare the most delicious birthday special chocolate fudge! If you want to put your skills as a pastry cook to another test, then how about playing the Breakfast Cooking game, too?

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