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Game Information

Game Title: Gold miner special edition

Game ID on 6674

Total hits of the game: 1589

Category: Gold Games

Tags:Gold miner special edition, gamedaovang, gold treasure, gold miner, game gold, game gold, gold mining game


Gold miner special edition is a skill game fun. Gold Miner wants to go to Vegas to dig gold. The goal for you is to dig a lot of gold for him before he left Australia.

In the game, you use the mouse to drop the hook in the gold mines. Your objective is to collect all the money before time runs out. Note that heavy objects like rocks and large golden Department will take a lot of time to pull on, always pay attention to time.

Between levels you can buy with the proceeds necessary, it would be very helpful. If you've run out of time to earn enough money, the game will end.

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